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Bronze Architectural Accents

When restoring a building, details make a difference.  Finding the right bronze accents or matching trim pieces is not an easy task especially when trying to find originals.  A unique part of our business is making exact replicas for specialty bronze trim, bronze cabinet hardware, bronze and vintage door knobs and other art deco bronze pieces.  

Shoop’s American Bronze Casting

Core Areas of Business

American Bronze Casting, ltd

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Remington Sculpture & Western Art:

We create many Frederic Remington recasts in our bronze foundry.  Remington bronze sculptures made here are all done using the lost wax process of bronze casting.  These are exquisite replications of this great artist’s work.  Other featured western and bronze sculptors in our gallery include Charles Russell, James Fraiser and our own Wally Shoop.  

Bronze Eagles

Artist Wally Shoop’s bronze eagles are exceptional art pieces.  They are unique and detailed in every way.  As an artist, Shoop has a special gift for capturing grace, spirit and motion within his sculptures making Shoop’s bronze eagles lifelike and second to none. 

Awards, Trophies & Plaques

This is the area where we got our start.  Serving the recognition award industry for over 40 years, Shoop’s is a member of both ASI and SAGE.  Our bronze awards and plaques include pieces for recognition programs, employee recognition, and custom awards.  Choose from our gallery examples, or contact us for your own custom piece.


Handmade in America

All of Shoop’s American Bronze Casting pieces are handmade in America using the lost wax process of bronze casting.

Bronze Restoration

Even though bronze is a permanent medium, time and the elements can take a toll.  If you have a piece you would like made new again, look no further.  Our skilled foundry men have the expertise to restore even the most delicate pieces.  

Bronze Sculpture and Bronze Casting

Our bronze foundry is one of only a few, artist-owned foundries left in America.  Started in 1970, Shoop’s American Bronze Casting, Ltd. began by making custom bronze sculptures for recognition awards.  While trophies and award plaques remain a large part of our business, as a full-service foundry we also carry many specialty bronze items like bronze eagles, Remington bronze sculptures, architectural accents, and custom art casting for artists and the architectural industry.   All of our products are handmade in America.  

Our website gallery showcases many of our products, however if you are looking for a specific bronze sculpture piece, a unique bronze piece to complete an architectural restoration project, or if you are an artist looking for a foundry to do your art casting, please contact us for more information.